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FAQs on Special Order



What is Special Order and how does it work?


- twoChois.com proudly introduce our "Special Order" system to our customers.
This is customized order for individual customer. If you wish to place a special order, please follow the steps;

1. Find the item. - We recommend you to visit online shopping malls of Korea through Google Chrome and use translation function.

2. Fill out the "Special Order Request" form on footer.
- Information you need to include at special instruction: name of the product, brand, size, color, photo, etc.

3. One of our staffs would write a reply regarding your request.

4. If the item is available to purchase, your requested item would be seen on "Special Order Category" with your name on it.

5. Pay for "Primary payment".

6. When your requested item is arrived at twoChois.com, simply pay for remained part (international shipping fee, service fee, and gift wrapping fee(upon your need)).

7. Then, twoChois.com will send your product within 1-2 business days.

It's so easy!

* Please remind that "Special Order" is available on items selling in Republic of Korea.

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How do you calculate price of special orders?


- Price of special orders are configured as such..

1. Primary payment = original price of special ordered item + domestic shipping fee

2. Accompanying payment = International shipping fee + Service fee + gift wrapping(upon customer’s need)

*Any customs or duties are not included in the final cost.

Please contact to your national customs office regarding any of possible taxes.
twoChois.com would give you details of your payment so please don't worry too much about it.


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How do you calculate Service fee?


- Service fee is 15% of the original price of the item.
However, items under $100, $15 of minimum service fee would be applied.
Service fee includes payment transaction fee.

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What if the product becomes unavailable?


- After you pay and no stocks available, twoChois.com follows customer’s opinion whether customer want to wait until the stock comes or cancel the order.
Individual email would be sent.

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I received wrong product, what can I do?


- When you receive wrong item, please send us email to twochois@twochois.com.
Before sending product, twoChois.com takes pictures of the order and confirm.
We do our best to send right product upon your request, however, if you received wrong item, twoChois.com would collect the item and refund your payment.

Other then that, if customer mistakenly ordered wrong item, twoChois.com international and domestic shipping fee, and service fee are not refundable.

Please be sure when you place and confirm your order.

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In what currency do I pay?


- Special ordered items will be payed by US dollar.
twoChois.com uses buying price of dollar of the day for currency conversion.
Total amount would be shown in both Korean Won and US dollar.

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I’d like to cancel my order. Can I cancel it?


- Once item has shipped from twoChois, it is not able to cancel.
However, before we ship to your address, it is possible to cancel.
Please send us email(twochois@twochois.com).
In this case, service fee and domestic shipping fee is not refundable. If there is any tax inccured, tax amound would be deducted from refund.

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Do you have any restrictions on Special order?


- Yes, we do have shipping restrictions. Please refer the list below.

Restrictions Items NOT eligible for purchase order include:

Oversized and heavy items.(up to 2kg is fine)
Hazardous materials, live botanicals and animals, aerosols, and other items restricted from exporting.
Delicated products such as glass.
Cosmetics, perfumes, and other beauty items Electronic products
Any of food products
Illigal products such as copycats

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OMG, I put the wrong address and item is shipped!


- We are so sorry to hear that you are in such situation.
However, it is not possible to change destination when the item is shipped.
Please confirm address when you place order.


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How can I track my order?

- You can track your order through Korean Post office website. You can find a link at the right bottom of the main page.
Choose International Registered item(except EMS) and input your tracking number in the blank.
Customers chose EMS as shipping method, simply choose EMS and input your tracking number.

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