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[경희대] 한국어 초급1 (Exploring Korean Beginner's Book 1)

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Primary Korean I

co-authored by Jung-seop Kim, Hyun-yong Jo, Seong-won Bang, Yun-gi Hong, and Jeong-eun Ho 2009

Size 218×303 mm /193pages/ ISBN 89-8222-046-3(set), 89-8222-115-6


This textbook aims to help students at the beginner’ s level, who learn Korean as a second language for the first time, study Korean with more fun and more ease, and also to help them adjust themselves to Korean life in a short period of time. The basic learner-friendly direction of the textbook is well demonstrated by the fact that it features foreigners and that it provides sufficient visual materials to promote a better understanding of the contents. This textbook presents basic Korean expressions, provides opportunities to practice Korean language skills, and centers on basic situations that foreigners are most likely to face in Korea. Its unique feature is that it is carefully mapped out in such a way that Korean culture permeates its visual aspects as well as its contents from end to end. This textbook will be unusually entertaining for learners who are attracted to Korean traditional beauty.


** Table of contents

01. 머리말 
02. 일러두기 
03. 차례 
04. 교재 구성 
05. 예비편 
06. 등장 인물 
07. 안녕하세요? 
08. 여기가 학생 식당입니다 
09. 이것이 무엇입니까? 
10. 집이 어디에 있습니까? 
11. 종합 연습 
12. 내일 우리집에 오세요 
13. 생일 축하해요! 
14. 무슨 음식을 좋아하세요? 
15. 대학교에서 한국어를 배웁니다 
16. 종합 연습 
17. 서점이 몇 층에 있어요? 
18. 아저씨. 이 사전 얼마예요? 
19. 오늘이 무슨 요일이에요? 
20. 지금 몇 시예요? 
21. 종합 연습 
22. 학생 식당으로 갈까요? 
23. 뭘 드시겠습니까? 
24. 동대문 시장에 같이 갑시다 
25. 이 운동화 어때요? 
26. 종합 연습 
27. 듣기 지문 
28. 문법 설명 
29. 동사 활용법 
30. 찾아보기

[경희대] 한국어 초급1 (Exploring Korean Beginner's Book 1)

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