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Easy & Fun Korean Penmanship

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Product Description

Easy & Fun Korean Penmanship


Author : Yun Jiyu

Book page : 112 pages / Book size: 188 x 257 mm

Supplement : MP3 CD 


ISBN: 978-89-277-3211-2 (13710)



  • Detailed description about each Korean syllable and abundant practice exercises!

This book gives detailed descriptions about the Korean consonants and vowels, double vowels, and final consonants, and you can use the provided audio files to practice writing. You can quickly learn Korean by looking at the different combinations of consonants and vowels, as well as suggested vocabulary words accompanied by illustrations.


  • Practice your writing through various example scenarios and fun quizzes!

Each chapter has a section called <Quiz +>, which includes fun quizzes like ghost leg, mazes, and dictations, to help you learn Korean. The book also let you practice using vocabulary and sentences that are commonly used day-to-day, such as introducing yourself, asking for directions, and writing cards.


  • Hangul Study Table” to help you study Korean whenever you want

The complementary “Hangul Study Table” provided in the appendix can be taken with you wherever you go. Or you can post it on your desk or wall, so you can practice all the consonants and vowels, and the basic combinations of consonants and vowels in Korean at your convenience. Additionally, it includes the words for days of the week, numbers, and time.






Table of Contents


Preface ------------------------------------------4

How to Use This Book -----------------------6

Contents -------------------------10

An Introduction to Hangeul----------------------- 13


Part ⅠMastering Hangeul

1. 단모음 Monophthongs -------------------- 20

2. 자음 Consonants --------------------- 26

3. 쌍자음 Double Consonants---------------------- 36

4. 이중모음 1 Diphthongs 1--------------------------- 42

5. 이중모음 2 Diphthongs 2------------------------- 50

6. 받침 Final Consonants-------------------------------- 58

7. 겹받침 Compound Consonants--------------------------66


Part ⅡSituational Writing Practice

1. 자기소개하기 Self-Introduction ------------------ 78

2. 인사하기 Greetings ------------------------------ 82

3. 주문하기 Ordering Food --------------------------- 86

4. 길 묻기 Asking for Directions ------------------------- 90

5. 간단한 카드 쓰기 Writing a Simple Card ----------------------94

6. 다이어리 쓰기 Writing a Diary -----------------------------98



Answers ---------------------------------------------- 104

Explanations in Korean ------------------------------------ 107

Index ------------------------------ 110

* Hangeul Study Table


Other Details


Easy & Fun Korean Penmanship

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