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Shipping & Return Policy



Shipping Policy on items selling at twoChois.com

twoChois.com offers three shipping options (Airmail, EMS, and DHL).
Customers can choose shipping method at checkout.
Shipping fee would be automatically calculated based on the total weight of order.

Customers can check shipping fee ahead of placing orders at the checkout page.

* Countries that cannot be shipped via EMS would be shipped via EMS Premium. 


1. Airmail (Up to 20kg)

Airmail is the cheapest but sometimes package is missing or takes up to 60 days for delivery.
Missing item is not refundable and we do not guarantee delivery time in this option.


2. EMS  (Up to 30kg)

EMS is premium level of shipping service.
Most countries receive orders within 10 days but some nations takes 30-50 days.(such as Russia, Latin America, Africa)

EMS guarantee 7 business days delivery except some countries such as Russia, Brazil, etc.

Please contact us to check EMS delivery date guarantee of your country.


3. EMS Premium (UPS Savers)


EMS Premium is shipped via UPS and it takes less than a week to be delivered.

Countries which cannot be delivered via EMS usually ships via EMS Premium.

The shipping fee for EMS Premium is about 50% more than that of EMS.


4. DHL (U.S.A., Canada, and Australia)

We now offer DHL to the countries above. We made a contract with DHL so that we could provide special rate to our customers. Please contact us if you hope to receive your order via DHL other than those countries.

** DHL charges $15 on "Address change/correction" so please do not change your shipping address unless you are willing to pay for it. Thanks.


Estimated Delivery days in average by region




East Asia

3-5 business days

10-14 business days

Southeast Asia

3-5 business days

10-14 business days

Asia Pacific Region

5-7 business days

12-16 business days

North America

5-7 business days

12-16 business days


5-7 business days

12-16 business days

Middle East

5-9 business days

15-20 business days

Africa & Latin America

7-10 business days

30-45 business days

* This is an average data.

Actual delivery date can be differ by region. It could take longer or shorter.

It depends on inbound situation of each country and sometimes packages stuck at customs office.

Please consider shipping method carefully.

Only EMS/EMS Premium can guarantee delivery time(exceptions exist).

** Orders over 30kg might see default shipping fee due to technical problem.
In this case, customers should pay additional shipping fee later.


Shipping Policy on Special Orders
twoChois.com ships to over 100 countries and territories worldwide. 
Due to the possibility of loss, twoChois.com only ships through premium logistics such as EMS, DHL, and FEDEX on special orders. 
Unless customer specify its own shipping method, twoChois.com ships through EMS or EMS Premium.

* Some of the regions are not able to ship through EMS.
In that case we ship through EMS Premium, DHL or FEDEX.

** When orders shipped internationally reach the destination country, they may be subject to customs clearance procedures which can cause delays beyond original delivery estimates.


Return Policy 
  • Merchandise must be returned within 7 days after receiving the shipment.
  • Merchandise must not be opened, used, altered, or harmed.
  • Shipping and handling charges are not refundable.
Please return your item to the address as follow.
108-2404, 11, Tojeong-ro 18-gil Mapo-gu
Seoul 04091 Republic of Korea


Refunds & Processing Time
 If your package arrives within the 7-day timeline, your refund will be processed in the original form of payment within 5 business days. You will be notified via email to the address listed on your account when this transaction has taken place. Your banking institution may require additional days to process and post this transaction to your account once they have received the information from our store.

Refused Shipments

 If you refuse a shipment, you are responsible for the original shipping charges, any Import Fees that are incurred on the package, and the cost of returning the package to twoChois.com. This amount will be deducted from your merchandise refund.

twoChois.com does not accept exchanges at this time.

Customs and Duties

 Items in your order that are designated for shipment to countries outside of the Republic of Korea may be subject to taxes, customs duties and fees levied by the destination country ("Import Fees"). The recipient of the shipment is the importer of record in the destination country and is responsible for all Import Fees.
To obtain details regarding the Actual Import Fees, or to obtain documentation or receipts in connection with customs clearance, you may contact your local customs agent.

Shipping Restrictions 

Items NOT eligible for special order include:

Oversized and heavy items.(up to 2kg is fine)
Hazardous materials, live botanicals and animals, aerosols, and other items restricted from exporting.
Delicated products such as glass.
Cosmetics, perfumes, and other beauty items
Electronic products
Any of food products
Illigal products such as copycats

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