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Fast & Fun Korean for Short - Term Learners 3 (English Ver.)

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Fast & Fun Korean for Short - Term Learners 2

Author : Kang Seung-hae Version : English page : 192 pagesSupplement : MP3 CD

ISBN: 9788927732549  Size: 210x297 mm

The Fast & Fun Korean for Short-Term Learners, Volumes 1~3, comprise a set of study materials for short-term language study as well as language and cultural programs. The series provides everyday dialogues, conversation practice, and exercises spanning a variety of situations centering on the expressions, vocabulary, and grammatical structures most necessary for enjoying a short-term stay in Korea so that learners can use the language effectively.

Picking up where Volume 2 left off, Fast and Fun Korean for Short-Term Learners Volume 3 was designed and structured with the following basic principles in mind.
First, this volume is designed to be used primarily in programs for adult learners of Korean currently residing short-term in Korea, and for learners residing abroad who are learning Korean through university programs that meet for 3 to 4 hours per week for 12 to 15 weeks, rather than for learners in intensive programs of around 200 hours per level.

Second, each unit centers on a situation-based syllabus for learning; specifically, the units introduce a variety of situations that short-term learners of Korean will likely encounter while living in Korea.

Third, in order to focus on practical expressions that are encountered often in real life and are in tune with the interests of learners, vocabulary and expressions useful in daily Korean life were chosen and woven throughout the text.

Fourth, in terms of Korean proficiency level, mindful of maintaining an intermediate level just prior to an advanced level, this volume puts an emphasis on reinforcing vocabulary. The ‘Vocabulary Expansion’ corner, for example, is designed to help learners become more familiar with Sino-Korean vocabulary and idiomatic expressions.

Fifth, in place of a separate corner for cultural content, this volume includes aspects of Korean culture that are encountered when living in Korea in the dialogues and reading sections so that learners can be exposed to Korean culture in a natural way. This also allows short-term learners to study Korean more efficiently given their time constraints.  


Table of contents

Preface 4
How to Use This Book 6
Table of Contents 10

Unit 01 얼마 만에 한국에 왔어요? 16
How long has it been since you last came to Korea?

Unit 02 난타 공연 본 적 있어요? 28
Have you seen the show, Nanta?

Unit 03 이쪽은 동아리 친구 이동수예요. 40
This is my fellow club member, Lee Dong-su

Unit 04 광화문에 가 봤는데 많이 변했더라고요. 52
I went to Gwanghwamun and a lot had changed

Unit 05 일기 예보에 따르면 미세 먼지가 심하대요. 64
The weather report says the fine dust is severe

Unit 06 여러 번 절하느라고 힘들겠다. 76
It must be difficult making so many bows

Unit 07 오늘 저녁은 시켜 먹는 게 어때요? 88
How about ordering delivery for dinner today?

Unit 08 전통 시장이 더 재미있거든요. 100
Traditional markets are more interesting, actually

Unit 09 집들이에 뭘 사 가는 게 좋아요? 112
What should I buy for the housewarming party?

Unit 10 비빔밥 하면 전주비빔밥이지. 124
If it’s bibimbap, then Jeonju Bibimbap is the one

Unit 11 마지막 버스를 놓칠 뻔했어요. 136
I almost missed the last bus

Unit 12 건강하게 지내고 다시 또 만나기 바랍니다. 148
Please take care, and I hope we meet again


Answers 162
Listening Transcripts 169
Key Grammatical Patterns Translation 177
Index 182

Fast & Fun Korean for Short - Term Learners 3 (English Ver.)

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