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Master Korean 2-1 Basic (Chinese)

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Product Description

Master Korean 2-1 Basic English version

288 Pages, Book size: 188 x 257 mm, Supplement: 1 MP3 CD


ISBN-13 :9788927311791



ㆍAuthor : Hangrok Cho, Tyeyoung Yang, Sunhee Kim, Seongwon Ryu, Seoyoung Joung, Hyeran Jeong


Master Korean 2–1 Basic follows Master Korean 1–2 Basic as the next volume in the Master Korean series, targeting Korean learners who have studied through Level 1 of the Test of Proficiency in Korean (TOPIKⅠ). Learners can systematically develop their communication skills through a variety of activities. In particular, by widely applying the teaching principles of task-based instruction through a variety of visual and audio materials, learners can easily and enjoyably learn Korean. In addition, we have provided information about the Korean culture and language that is necessary to communicate effectively in some situations. In these ways, learners can study Korean using a truly multi-dimensional approach.


** Table of Contents


발간사 Preface

일러두기 How to Use This Book

목차 Contents

교재구성표 Table of Contents

등장인물 소개 Introduction of Characters


제01장 개학 Starting School

01 한국에 온 지 6개월 되었어요. It’s been six months since I came to Korea.

02 신문방송학을 전공할 생각이에요. I’m thinking of majoring in journalism.

03 수업이 끝난 후에 매일 세 시간씩 공부했어요. I studied for three hours every day after class ended.

04 제가 오늘 유미코 씨한테 전화할게요. I’ll call Yumiko today.

05 다시 공부해 봅시다 Let’s review

문화 Culture


제02장 공공 기관 Public Institutions

01 여기에다가 주소와 전화번호를 써 주세요. Please write your address and phone number here.

02 환전을 하려고 왔어요. I came to exchange some money.

03 주소를 영어로 써도 돼요? May I write the address in English?

04 비자를 연장하려고 하는데요. I’d like to extend my visa.

05 다시 공부해 봅시다 Let’s review

문화 Culture


제03장 일상생활 Daily Life

01 짧은 머리가 참 잘 어울리는구나! Short hair really looks good on you!

02 영화관 앞에서 만나자. Let’s meet in front of the movie theater.

03 탁구 칠 줄 알아? Do you know how to play table tennis?

04 집안일 때문에 그러니? Is it because of housework?

05 다시 공부해 봅시다 Let’s review

문화 Culture


제04장 교통 Transportation

01 서울은행이 어디에 있는지 아세요? Do you know where Seoul Bank is?

02 서점에 가려면 몇 번 버스를 타야 해요? What bus do we have to take in order to go there?

03 지하철을 타야 늦지 않아요. You won’t be late if you take the subway.

04 저 횡단보도를 지나자마자 세워 주세요. Please pull over as soon as you cross that crosswalk.

05 다시 공부해 봅시다 Let’s review

문화 Culture


제05장 쇼핑 Shopping

01 이 옷을 입으면 날씬해 보일 거예요. You’ll look thin if you wear this.

02 두 켤레에 오천 원에 드릴 테니까 하나 더 사세요. I’ll give you two pair for 5,000 Won, so please buy one more.

03 크거나 작으면 교환이 되지요? I can exchange them if they’re too big or small, right?

04 산 지 일주일 되었는데, 환불할 수 있나요? It’s been a week since I bought it, but can I get a refund?

05 다시 공부해 봅시다 Let’s review

문화 Culture


답안 Answers

듣기 지문 Listening Scripts

대화 번역 Dialogue Translations

문화 번역 Culture Section Translations

색인 Index

Master Korean 2-1 Basic (Chinese)

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