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Korean Made Easy Intermediate Level

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Korean Made Easy for Everyday Life

Author : Seung-eun OhBook page : 336 pages Supplement: MP3 Download

ISBN: 9788927732891 Size: 182x257mm

Korean Made Easy - Intermediate (2nd Edition) is the sequel to the best-selling Korean textbook for self-study Korean Made Easy for Beginners (2nd Edition). This book is carefully designed and structured for intermediate Korean learners to easily and enjoyably learn vocabulary, expressions, and grammar. The textbook is divided into 15 topics and each respective topic is presented in 3 situations based on practical grammar and vocabulary. These vocabulary and expressions are also covered in the additional vocabulary corner and the Sino-Korean character learning corner. In addition, grammar explanations and grammar usage tables necessary for intermediate learners are included in detail in the appendix, and translations of new vocabulary and expressions from the conversations are provided. This book is an ideal, comprehensive intermediate Korean self-study textbook.

▪ This best-selling, self-study integrated textbook contains practical grammar and vocabulary necessary for intermediate Korean learners!
The sequel to the best-selling Korean textbook for self-study, ‘Korean Made Easy for Beginners (2nd Edition)’. Grammar and vocabulary are carefully selected and presented based on the topic in each conversation so that learners can acquire practical usage.

▪ Detailed grammar explanations with vivid and diverse visuals, and natural English translations!
Illustrations vividly express the situations and expressions, making it easy to understand conversational situations and the context in which vocabulary is used. Detailed, natural English translations simplify intermediate Korean grammar, which can oftentimes be complicated.

▪ Visual aids improve Sino-Korean vocabulary retention!
Intermediate learners can easily grasp the meaning of Sino-Korean vocabulary, improve their understanding, and expand their learning by visualizing Sino-Korean characters while studying Korean with English translations.

▪ Effective learning aids with a variety of exercises and activities!
The grammar and vocabulary covered throughout the textbook can be practiced immediately through a variety of exercises and activities. Thereby, enhancing learning and retention.  


Table of contents


서문 Preface 04
일러두기 How to Use This Book 06
목차 Contents 11
교재구성표 Table of Contents 12
등장인물 소개 Main Characters 16

Chapter 01 첫 만남 Meeting Someone for the First Time 17
Chapter 02 일상생활 Everyday Life 33
Chapter 03 약속 Appointments 49
Chapter 04 길 찾기 Asking Directions 65
Chapter 05 음식 Food 81
Chapter 06 공공 규칙 Public Rules 97
Chapter 07 집 In the House 113
Chapter 08 쇼핑 Shopping 129
Chapter 09 한국 생활 Living in Korea 145
Chapter 10 문제 Problems 161
Chapter 11 사람 People 177
Chapter 12 건강 Health 193
Chapter 13 관심사 Interests 209
Chapter 14 여행 Travel 225
Chapter 15 관계 Relationships 241

부록 Appendix 257
문법 부록 Grammar Appendix 258
한국어 활용 Korean Conjugation 291
문법 활용표 Conjugation Charts 296
정답 Answers 312
한자어 색인 Word Web Appendix with Hanja 316
색인 New Vocabulary & New Expressions 322


Korean Made Easy Intermediate Level

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