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[IMPORTANT ] Shipping seems to be delayed.

안녕하세요!Hope you all having good moments in 2016 too.We have received several emails regarding delay of shipment.Due to high demand on shipments inbound/outbound globally, it seems to be delayed.We provide tracking number on every order.Tracking number can be found at Order details page.Please contact to your regional office with the tracking number you have given.This [...]

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We are back! + EMS shipping fee is increased.OMG...

안녕하세요~~~휴가 잘 다녀왔습니다!!!We have processed more than 70 percent of orders and we are expecting to ship the rest by coming Monday.We have received several special order requests but haven't got a time to send price quote.We would send price quote by the end of this week so please wait a bit more. :)Sad news...We [...]

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[6.22 ~ 7.19] Summer Vacation

안녕하세요.오랜만이에요!It's SUMMER TIME !!!We take summer vacation every year and we leave for about a month this year.Orders placed by June 16 would be shipped out before we leave.We would take orders while we are on a vacation however orders would be processed after July 20.Please place your orders after July 20.If you have a [...]

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[Closing days in May] 5.1(Fri), 5.5(Tue), 5.25(Mon)

안녕하세요~오랜만이에요!May is coming soon.We call May as 가정의 달(Family month) because we have 어린이날(Children's day) & 어버이날(Parents' day).We also have 근로자의 날(Worker's day) and most of companies do not work.May 14 is 스승의 날(Teacher's day) so that many of students visit their school to meet their teachers or professors.At the end of the month, there is [...]

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We are back to being operate as usual.

Hi,Finally we are back to business as usual.We do appreciate on your patience with us.Your order may not experience delays from this moment in most cases.We are planning to update newly published books and more reading materials as well.One big thing is that we would publish guidance book for Korean language learners.It may take 1-2 months to [...]

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[1.19~2.10] Winter Vacation - No Shipping & Supporting Available.

Happy new year!!!Wish you a good luck. :)As you have seen from our previous notice, we are going to take 3 weeks off from January 19. We usually take summer vacation only but there was unexpected situation appeared this time. (Please don't worry the situation is neither serious or bad. ^-^ ) From January 19 to February 10, No shipping [...]

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시월 구일은 한글날입니다.

안녕하세요.시월 구일 한글날입니다.한국에서는 한글날을 기념하기 위해 다양한 행사가 열리고 있습니다.네이버에서는 무료로 한글폰트를 나누어 주고 있습니다. (윈도우즈 / 맥)한글의 정의는 아래와 같습니다.한글 [한ː글] Hangeul우리나라 고유 문자의 이름. 세종 대왕이 우리말을 표기하기 위하여 창제한 훈민정음을 20세기 이후 달리 이르는 것으로, 1446년 반포될 당시에는 28 자모(字母)였지만, 현재는 24 자모만 쓴다.한글에 대해 더 알고 싶으신 분들은 아래의 링크를 눌러주세요.Want to [...]

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[Oct 3 & Oct 9] National Holiday. -No shipping & support

안녕하세요.벌써 가을이에요!! How's your 2014 so far? Hope you are having a good one as we do. :)October 3 is 개천절(The National Foundation Day of Korea)and 9 is 한글날(Hangeul Proclamation Day).Both are national holiday so we take a break.However Oct 3 is friday and we receive books via domestic logistics so we cannot ship books until Oct [...]

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[중요] Frequent errors while you checkout.

안녕하세요. How have you been? Hope you have great moment. :)We've noticed that some of our customers experience errors at checkout. Most of the errors are generated by paypal to prevent fraud. Error 1. State/province- some countries need state/province but some doesn't. However we strongly recommend you to fill out state/province if you experienced any error at checkout process. You could [...]

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About Order Status.

안녕하세요.Some of our customers raised question on order status.Thus, we would like to explain on several order status.1. Pending- Your order has not been made. You need to proceed your order again.Orders with "pending" is usually found at "Abandoned orders".2. Awaiting Payment- When you choose Bank deposit/ Western Union, you would see this status until [...]

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