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Where to shop?

  There are thousands of online stores in South Korea.
twoChois.com would like to recommend long experienced and reliable online stores to our customers.
Please remind that most of Korean online stores are using Korean as basic and only language of the system.

We highly recommed our customers to use Google Chrome's translation function.

Featured Online Stores.

1. Department store

Lotte.com: http://www.lotte.com/

Shinsegae Mall: http://mall.shinsegae.com/

Hmall: http://www.hyundaihmall.com/

GSshop: http://www.gsshop.com/

AKmall: http://www.akmall.com/


2. Official site of Brands

MCM: http://www.shopmcm.com/

J.estina: http://www.jestina.co.kr/

Bean Pole: http://www.beanpole.com/

NII: http://www.10q.co.kr/

Couronne: http://www.couronne.co.kr/shop/main.jsp 

Lovcat: http://www.lovcatmall.com/  

Pancoat: http://shop.pancoat.com/

Brunomagli: https://www.kumkangmall.com/Mall/Product/brunomagli.asp

Mandarina Duck: http://www.mandarinaduckmall.co.kr

Customellow: http://www.customellow.com/shop/main.jsp

Lucky chouette: http://www.luckychouette.com/

Magarin fingers: http://www.margarinfingers.com/ 


3. Official site of K-pop Stars and K-Drama goods shop

YG Entertainment: http://www.ygeshop.com/shop/

CJES Entertainment: http://www.cjesstore.com/

SM Entertainment: currently not available

FNC Entertainment: http://www.fncstore.com/

DSP Entertainment: http://www.sendmall.co.kr/

Cube Entertainment: http://www.cubee.co.kr/

With Drama: http://withdrama.co.kr/


4. Select Shops (Clothing)

1st Look: http://www.firstlook.co.kr/

Fashion magazine 1st Look launched online shopping mall.

This website also provides current hot issue items/styles with photo.

It does lots of works as collaboration with famous brands.

For the past season products, the website insanely provides "Free gifts" with the purchase. Sometimes customers can get a product for free with the purchasement.

This shop has variety of Korean and international brands.

Only available in Korean language. We recommend you to use "Chrome".

29cm: http://www.29cm.co.kr/

This shop is one of the hottest right now.

It sells lots of stylish products.


A-land: http://www.a-land.co.kr/shop/main/index.php

This shop hass lots of streetfashion items with cheap price.

It has both Korean and international brands.

Mellowplanet: http://www.mellowplanet.kr/

Individual Korean fashion brand which is placed TOP in street fashion.

There are variety of unique clothes and acc containing designer's philosophy.

It only produces about 100 per item and sometimes less for limited products.

Steve J & Yoni P: http://www.steveyoniworld.com/

The designers, Steve and Yoni, studied in London and strong at street fashion.

Many of Korean celebrities wear their clothing.

Price is quite high.

Addicted Shop: http://addicted.mall.paran.com/shopuser/

Foreign brand clothing shop such as Henrik Vibskov/ KTZ /WOODWOOD

Somethign about us: http://www.something-aboutus.com/

It sells multi brand items including Johnny hates jazz, JinYoo103684(bag), etc.

KWIN Concept Shop: http://www.kwinconceptshop.com/


This shop sells very unique clothing and other products.


Fashionpia: http://fashionpia.com/ (Also sells Bean Pole)

This is official shopping mall of  제일모직.

You could purchase products of  Bean Pole, Bike Repair Shop, 8seconds, KUHOPLUS, etc.

5. Street fashion / Fast Fashion / Dongdaemoon shops  ** Keep editing.


A. Female Shop

Sechuna: http://www.sechuna.com/

NANING9: http://www.naning9.com/

Lemoncookie: http://www.lemoncookie.com/

PinkSisly: http://www.pinksisly.com/

Rowkyshop: http://rowky.com/

Dahong: http://www.dahong.co.kr/

Decoy: http://www.decoy.co.kr/


B. Male Shop




C. Kids Shop




 D. Unisex + Accesorry Shop

Colonize: http://www.colonize.co.kr

Spao: http://www.spao.com/

Good Nation: http://goodnation.co.kr/

Sonyunara: http://www.sonyunara.com/

Sazac: http://sazac.com/ (Animal Clothing)


E. Accessories


Hatson: http://hatson.co.kr (Various hats/Caps)


6. Idea products

1300k: http://www.1300k.com/

10 by 10: http://www.10x10.co.kr/


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